DASH CAM VIDEO: Rockets star Patrick Beverley's arrest

PEARLAND, Texas -- Houston Rockets point guard Patrick Beverley returned to the lineup Wednesday night after missing a couple of games with an injury. But he wasn't at practice Wednesday morning, after being arrested on an open warrant.

Beverly was arrested along Beltway 8 at Telephone Road in Pearland. Video from Officer De La Cruz's patrol car shows Beverly in a black 2013 Rolls Royce.

"You don't have your driver's license with you?" said officer De La Cruz when he approached Beverly. "When I run the plate on your car, It's not coming back to anything."

Beverly explained that he purchased the car months ago and didn't have the new plates. Beverly said he was headed to practice. The officer ran his information and found Beverly had a warrant for his arrest for failing to pay $321 in toll fines and fees.

"I have cars in my name that other people drive," said Beverly to the officer.

De La Cruz gave Beverly a warning for the bad registration and no license and then made the arrest.

De La Cruz: "Look that way and put your hands behind your back"
Beverly: "Hey man, At least let me pull over. I don't want to have people put me on social media."
De La Cruz: "You can walk back there."
Beverly: "I'll walk back there."
Beverly then says he doesn't want to be handcuffed. The officer politely tells him he has to be before he gets in the patrol car.

De La Cruz: "Take a seat."
Beverly: "This is crazy. This is (expletive) crazy man."
The officer offers several times to cuff Beverly's wrists at the front of his body instead of behind his back. Beverly declines and also takes off a seatbelt the officer buckles for him. In the back of the patrol car, Beverly is heard getting frustrated at the officer for the initial stop.

Beverly: "You know you lying bruh."
De La Cruz: "Yeah okay."
Beverly: "You know you lying. Don't worry about it. I'll be out this (expletive) in 10 seconds. I'll hop back in my Rolls Royce."

After viewing the video, it wasn't until later in the traffic stop that the officer accused Beverly of initially speeding in a school zone. Beverly was not given a warning or citation for that.
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