Thankful but hungry goats gobble down Thanksgiving dinner

HORNBEAK, Tennessee -- A group of goats were treated to an early Thanksgiving feast as they munched their way through a series of treats on a farm in Hornbeak, Tennessee.

Moona Ruth, Boonie, MaDolly and Perri Drew, who have an Instagram account dedicated to their daily adventures, were served up baguettes and other baked treats, as well as fruit and vegetables galore, with the results posted to YouTube.

"Serving a family of goats is chaos," the farm owners added in text accompanying the video, noting too that the quartet of farm animals proceeded to "jump up on plates, knock down cups, push each other from their food and steal the grub right from the other's mouth," during the meal.

The four goats were served by a child who sensibly stayed out of the way for the most part once the eating began. One goat in particular, the owners say, takes its diet more seriously than the others. "That growling or grunting sound is Boonie, he is serious about warning the others not to touch his baguette."
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