Good Samaritans help woman rescue 21 dogs from floodwaters

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017
Rescuers help save over 20 dogs during Hurricane Harvey
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Rescuers helped save animals in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

A group of rescuers managed to save a woman and over 20 dogs during Hurricane Harvey.

William Beasley, his wife and some friends have been traveling around Houston rescuing animals all day. They had made multiple rescues, but then they came across Betty Walter along with 21 dogs.

Walter waited in her attic with the canines for over 14 hours before Beasley and company arrived to get them to safety.

The dogs weren't all Walter's. Some of them were her neighbors dogs that she had already rescued.

Walter wrote on Facebook: "I was worried there was too many dogs on the boat and it would tip over. I told them I would stay behind and for them to make two trips. They said no, we are taking all and you."