IKEA now offering virtual wedding service

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015
Want to get married but can't afford the ceremony? Maybe you should consider a virtual wedding instead.
IKEA Sverige/YouTube

Want to get married but can't afford a real life ceremony? Then you might want to consider a virtual wedding.

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IKEA has rolled out a new virtual wedding service, allowing couples to get married in lieu of an in-person ceremony. Couples invite their guests through Facebook, who are then able to attend the virtual ceremony using their microphones and webcam. There are also distinct wedding themes for the ceremony and reception including circus, forest fairytale, and beach settings.

The virtual weddings seem very convenient and creative, but there is an important requirement to consider when planning the digital ceremony of your dreams. According to The Daily Dot, the couple needs to be present in the same room with the officiant and two witnesses for the wedding to be considered legally binding.