Hot beauty trends for Spring

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014
spring beauty products

NEW YORK (WABC) -- It's the latest and greatest in beauty at the International Beauty Show New York.

More than 60,000 experts from around the world are filling the Javits Center to unveil the newest products and technology.

The Dura Chi hair dryer has six blue led lights with antibacterial properties to improve airflow.

"When it goes onto the hair it helps debacterialize the hair so the hair is healthier, longer lasting, shinier," said David Bechet, stylist with The Chi Company.

Stylist David Bechet says it dries hair in half the time.

"Your thick head of hair, I could probably do in about 20 minutes," Bechet said.

To make that blow-dry last and protect your hair from heat, there's the new Redken Pillow Proof Primer and Dry Shampoo Extender.

And for hair straightening and curling, ceramic is still the way to go.

"The ceramic stone works to add moisture and shine," said Nancy Diaz, a stylist with Ella Hair Straightener.

For all of you who love your shiny gel manicures, you know they can take a toll. The UV light may age your hands.

To remove it, you soak your nails in pure acetone which can dry and damage the nail, but now there are two new products that can make your gel manicure safer.

The "striplac" gel goes on the same way, but peels off with no remover at all. And the new "YouVeeShield" is disposable and designed to block the UV light.

"It's $90 for a box of 80 which turns out to be 77 cents a shield. It comes in a tissue like box the salon tech can pull it out place it on the gals hand, they don't have to worry about sunscreen," said Renee Albera, president, of YouVeeShield.

But most high end beauty products come with a high end cost, flatirons and blow-dryers can set you back a couple hundred bucks.

The good news is that the new trend for spring 2014 is less is more.

"It's all about a very, very flawless finish that looks natural," said Judith Ann Graham, an Associate with Eve Pearl Makeup.

You would think natural means less effort, but when it comes to beauty, that's not always true.

The show runs through Tuesday, March 11.

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