Apple iPhone X review: Is it worth $999?

ByJamie Nguyen & Emily Sowa WABC logo
Tuesday, November 7, 2017
iPhone X worth the $999 price tag?
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Up close with the iPhone X. Is it worth the nearly $1000 price tag?

UPPER WEST SIDE, New York (WABC) -- The first of Apple's newest smartphone, the iPhone X ships November 3, but we managed to get our hands on one early.

At $999, it's the most expensive version to date. So is it worth the hefty price tag? Mark Spoonauer, the editor-in-chief of Tom's Guide stopped by the abc7ny newsroom to break it down for us.

Spoonauer said it is, "The most beautiful phone that apple has ever made." The screen is bigger. It goes edge-to-edge. But besides it's new look, there are some other key differences. It uses face ID to unlock the phone. Unlike its predecessors, there's no home button. That does take some time to get use to. Spoonauer warned that there will be a learning curve.

**Review of the iPhone X and its features in video player above**

There are some fun features including animojies, animated emojis which follow or copy your gestures. Spoonauer said it can get a little creepy. The iPhone X also makes AR, augmented reality much more accessible and there will be new apps that use that technology coming soon.

Three things that Spoonauer says makes the iPhone worth it's price tag? It's design, display and image quality. In the age of selfies and video, the camera is a big plus. You can see more details in the images.

Three drawbacks? They jury is still out on its battery life. Spoonauer doesn't like the time it requires to log-in with face identification and he points out that there will be a learning curve.

The bottom line on the iPhone X, is it a good buy? Spoonauer said, "The iPhone X is great for a lot of people if you have the money." The big advantage of the IOS which is Apple's operating system, according to Spoonauer is, "They always get the hottest apps first." Despite a learning curve for the iPhone X, he said generally speaking it's easier to use.

He also said you should think about everything you use your phone for because for many people, the phone has become more valuable than the laptop. "How many times per day do you use your phone?" asked Spoonauer. "You use it for work. You use it for play. It is a little bit sad that a thousand bucks has become the new normal."

So are getting an iPhone X? The first round of pre-orders arrive November 3, and the Spoonauer says the next batch arrive in December.

You can read the full review here.