Ira Joe Fisher: The weatherman who could write backward!

7 LINCOLN SQUARE -- Rain, shine, or always know you can trust your Eyewitness News weather team to get you through the day!

On National Weatherperson's Day, the team at the Eyewitness News Vault decided to celebrate by taking a trip back to 1983 with Ira Joe Fisher.

Fisher was legendary for his ability to write backwards on Plexiglas during his weather forecasts. From 1983 to 1985, Fisher was an important figure in our Eyewitness New family.

"And now a man for all shows...Ira Joe Fisher with the weather," said Eyewitness News anchor John Johnson in introducing Fisher to the audience during a newscast.

However, weather wasn't Fisher's only passion in life.

He told the New York Times in 1998 that he loved writing poetry, and that it helped to shape his world outlook.

After working in the TV business for over 40 years, Fisher retired in 2003.

Here at the Eyewitness New Vault, we enjoy watching his entertaining forecasts and we think you will like them too.