Justice for Junior trial: Junior's mom led from court after outburst

NEW YORK (WABC) -- It was another emotional day in court as several teenage defendants stand trial for the murder of 15-year-old Lesandro "Junior" Guzman-Feliz.

Early Thursday afternoon Junior's mom erupted in an outburst so dramatic she had to be led out by several court officers.

It came as the attorney for Jonaiki Estrella cross-examined the prosecution's star witness, Kevin Alvarez, trying to paint Alvarez as a liar.

Alvarez testified earlier that he got a command from another senior gang member to go into the bodega.

However, Estrella's attorney argued, that senior member is not present in surveillance video that shows Alvarez exiting his car and walking into the bodega.

The video also shows that Alvarez is the only one trying to get into the area behind the store counter where the store clerk was keeping Junior safe.

Alvarez said he didn't realize the danger outside of the bodega, even though in earlier testimony, under questioning by the Assistant D.A., he said that night all the gang members were armed with weapons and given a command to attack any Sunset gang members.

Estrella's attorney pointed out how Alvarez cut a deal only for himself, arguing that Alvarez's statements now contradict statements he made before he made the deal with prosecutors.

Alvarez also spoke about his time in the Army. He said he was discharged in February 2018 after a back injury because a physical therapist said he would not be able to perform his duties. A defense attorney tried to establish how he was able to drag Junior out of the bodega four months later.

He said he got into the gang after his time in the Army because he was lonely and needed friends. He said being a part of the gang did nothing for him.

Alvarez has pleaded guilty to manslaughter and conspiracy and faces 25 years in prison. In exchange for his testimony, he will be sentenced to time served and charged only with conspiracy.

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