Shivering kangaroo feels the effects of winter in Australia

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Wednesday, August 14, 2019
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This poor little chilly critter was spotted shivering outside of a family's home in Victoria.

TOLMIE, Victoria -- An Australian woman captured footage of a shivering kangaroo standing in the snow in her family's garden in Tolmie, Victoria.

A cold front was hitting the region and the poor, chilly creature just looked miserable.

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Joanne Arrowsmith told Storyful her family had recently moved to a new home and they had "seen this large kangaroo relaxing" on their property in "the previous few weeks."

As snowfalls hit around their new home on Aug. 10, they saw the "resident kangaroo not enjoying the snow as much as we were."

"We spent time watching him through the window filming him but felt so sorry for him as he shivered. We ended up moving away in the hope that he would feel safer and move himself into some sheltered area," she said.

Arrowsmith said the family will now "plan for a shelter and hay for future winters" to help out the local wildlife.