Kitten rides under hood of pickup for 600 miles from New York through 4 states

ROANOKE, Virginia -- A tiny stowaway survived a trip across four states under the hood of a pickup truck.

Lance Gallimore said he found the kitten when he stopped for gas close to Roanoke, Virginia.

He realized it's the same kitten he had seen earlier near his home in Fort Drum, New York. That's about 600 miles away. The cat was apparently in the engine compartment all along.

"She was just sitting down here around the air box area, just on top of the master cylinder, near the brake reservoir. Me and her wrestled for a minute, but then we were able to get her into a cardboard box and we brought her here to the emergency vet," said Gallimore.

The little traveler was dehydrated and had a few scratches.

It turns out the kitten was headed home all along. She found a new home when one of Gallimore's relatives adopted her.
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