Korean skin care: Why is it the best?

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Summer is ending, and we're all trying to get back into a better routine for fall. So, why not work in a better skin regiment?

From face creams and masks to facials, Korean skin-care routines are known to be some of the best in the beauty world. So what is it that sets K-beauty apart? I broke it all down in this episode of Glam Lab.

I sat down with the creator and founder of Savor Beauty and Spa, Angela Kim. Once a concert pianist, Angela was walking on stage when she broke out in hives from a "natural" cream. Upon checking the ingredients, she discovered there was nothing "natural" about what she was putting on her skin.

So what did she do? She made her own concoction with true, organic ingredients. A few years later, Savor Beauty was born. These products are so fresh that if you're getting a facial, the serum or cream rubbed on your face is probably only a week or two old.

I received their signature facial, but it felt more like a beauty lesson. I learned what products are best for my skin and what I should stay away from. I walked away with a customized skin-care routine that has changed my world!

And, with perfect timing for fall, Savor Beauty has quickly become known for their unbelievable Pumpkin Enzyme Facial that exfoliated and brightened my skin like nothing I've seen before!

It's not just the products that set K-Beauty apart -- it's an entire cultural phenomenon. To learn all about Korean skin care, check out the latest episode of Glam Lab!

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