Coronavirus News: Police in Lakewood call for backup to break up funeral

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Friday, April 3, 2020
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LAKEWOOD, New Jersey (WABC) -- Police in Lakewood, New Jersey had to break up another large gathering of people, this time for a funeral, and they needed to call for backup.

The police arrived at the scene on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. and found 60-70 people in attendance.

As officers tried to disperse the crowd, the crowd became unruly and argumentative.

Additional Officers from the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office and the Ocean County Sheriff's Office arrived to assist with dispersing the crowd.

As the officers were collecting names from funeral attendees, one individual refused to identify himself. This individual was later identified as Samuel Manheim, 27, of Brooklyn.

Manheim allegedly originally gave officers a false name and social security number. After several attempts to positively identify Manheim were unsuccessful, he was placed under arrest.

Manheim was charged with hindering his own apprehension.

Several others were also arrested for attending the gathering, including: Joel Jakubowitz, 36, of Brooklyn, New York; Marcus Strulovic, 43, of Lakewood; David Kaf, 37, of Lakewood; Moshe Friedman, 20, of Lakewood; Nossom Strulovic, 25, of Lakewood; Solomon Strulovic, 21, of Lakewood; Joel Strulovic, 39, of Lakewood; Yosef Kohn, 35, of Lakewood; Mitchell Strulovic, 24, of Lakewood; Alexander Ellison, 64, of Lakewood; Mordechi Strulovic, 18, of Lakewood; Shimon Cardozo, 25 of Lakewood; Shimon Hus, 18, of Brooklyn, New York; and Bernard Strulovic, 45, of Lakewood.

"The Governor has banned all public gatherings during this state and national public health emergency. This ban applies to everyone," stated Prosecutor Billhimer. "To be blunt, ignoring the Governor's Order places lives at risk - not just the lives of everyday citizens, but the lives of our brave men and women in Law Enforcement who are required to respond in order to break up these unlawful gatherings. I am

imploring everyone to abide by the Governor's Order and stay at home, so that we might all get through this very difficult time together -- as painlessly as possible."


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