Larchmont residents say mail woes persist despite investigation

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Marcus Solis reports on the mail delivery woes in Larchmont.

They were busy sprucing up the post office in Larchmont Friday morning, even slapping a fresh coat of paint on the mailbox.

But they're not the improvements residents are demanding.

Over the last year, there have been hundreds of complaints of mail delivered late, to the wrong address and in some cases not delivered at all.

"I run a business and I depend on my checks for cash flow. This is affecting me personally and economically," said Eleanor Sherman, resident.

The problem extends to Mamaroneck which shares the same zip code, even New Rochelle, where in July undelivered mail was found in dumpsters.

"If you're sending a check or sending something out and you can't depend on the mail service to deliver something, it's scary," said Tiffany Smith, resident.

Four months ago, the postal service launched an investigation, promising a top to bottom review. But the findings have been released and residents say service hasn't improved

The issue has gotten the attention of Senator Chuck Schumer who is demanding three things from postal officials.

"Release the report, tell us what they're going to do to fix it, have a town hall meeting with these residents," Sen. Schumer said.

USPS released the following statement to Eyewitness News:

1) Upon review of staffing concerns, we did identify some long-term issues among employees that contributed to a staffing shortfall. We hired five city carrier assistants whose flexible schedules allow for more fluid scheduling.
2) We also placed a permanent postmaster, effective April 29, who we believe has already provided strong leadership in the office and with customers who reach out on service issues.
3) Upon review of misdelivery concerns, supervisors walked delivery routes to address misdelivery mail concerns and opportunities to address customer improvements such as house numbers or placement of mailboxes. Our records of customers inquiring about misdelivered mail have diminished.
4) Upon review of concerns for irregular times of delivery, the Postmaster redoubled efforts to work with the newest employees and to work with the Westchester processing center to strengthen mail arrival times at the office before each day's deliveries are finalized for the carriers.
5) Additional management personnel will work from the Larchmont Post Office in the near term to support operations in Larchmont and the surrounding offices.
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