1970s-inspired restaurant serves good times and groovy vibes

ByBrittany Winderman Localish logo
Thursday, August 31, 2023
1970s-inspired restaurant serves good times and groovy vibes
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Get out your bell bottoms and head-to-toe denim. It's time to boogie at 1970s-themed bar and restaurant Peachy Keen.

NE W YORK, NY -- A restaurant just off Times Square is throwing it back to the 1970s, celebrating the playful side of the iconic decade.

"Peachy Keen is meant to be an ode to the 70s...So we have Soul Train playing on the tv screens, the music alludes to the 70s, the staff is dressed in denim," said Kim De Jesus, the director of operations at HK Hospitality.

HK Hospitality is the restaurant group behind Peachy Keen and a handful of other unique venues in Manhattan and Astoria, Queens.

"The '70s were a time of innovation, freedom, expression, and we really want to be able to take them back and have them fully immerse themselves in something that feels nostalgic," said De Jesus

Don't be deterred by its Times Square location - the vibes and the food are well worth wading through the crowds. The drinks are all as colorful and sweet as the space itself and have clever names like the Disco Sally, Trippy Hippy, Rhinestone Cowgirl, Flowerpower, and Foxy Momma Mule.

Chef Dave Thomas goes all out with the Southern Comfort-inspired food side of the menu. Their chicken and waffles and crab and corn beignets are both crowd favorites.

Peachy Keen hosts weekly events, including drag brunches with well-known performers from the Hell's Kitchen area, horoscope nights, date nights with meal specials, Broadway show deals if you hold onto your ticket, and themed parties.

"There's a lot of places in New York where you can be dark and moody. I'm a New Yorker. I grew up here my whole life, and I think it's really nice to be in a space that from the minute that you get in the door feels so overwhelmingly positive, and the energy is just high," said De Jesus.