Community steps up to help keep arcade in business

The community has stepped up to help save a local small business. The Neon Retro Arcade is one of many small businesses that was struggling because of the coronavirus pandemic, but is now able to stay open thanks to donations.

Owners Mark and Mia Gunther said that after exhausting their business reserves, savings and applying for government funding, they didn't know what else to do after finding out they couldn't reopen in July. They started a GoFundMe campaign to try and keep their doors open.

"We initially asked for $10,000, which would help us just kind of keep the doors open for another month and within 9 hours they exceeded that request for help. And it just meant the world to us," said Mia Gunther.

The family-owned business also sold some of their arcade games to help with expenses, which was hard for them because gaming is what brought the Gunthers together.

"I had a pinball machine in my dorm room and that's sort of how we connected," said Mark Gunther. "She was at an event and I said, 'Hey, let me show you how to play pinball.' So, sparks flew over that and so it makes sense that we opened an arcade together now."

The couple said they built a lot of memories in the arcade and were grateful so many others contributed to keep them afloat.

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