Learn4Life School helps community with pop-up drive-thru during pandemic

LOS ANGELES -- The Covid-19 pandemic has left many students and their families facing economic hardships.

Faculty and staff with Learn4Life: Innovation High School located in Anaheim, CA stepped in to help by giving out free food and resources to their surrounding communities with a pop-up drive-thru.

"Knowing that we provided for these families is just something that we will never forget," said Vanessa Ruiz, assistant principal of Learn4Life: Innovation High School.

"We're a nonprofit organization supporting students at risk. A lot of our students are homeless, foster youth, come from probation youth. They have a lot of trauma," said Lili Gutierrez, principal of Learn4Life Innovation High School. "And so, we provide services like these on an ongoing basis for own students, so why not support the community as well," Gutierrez added.

The demand was overwhelming. Food and essentials went so quick that the giveaway was cut to only about an hour.

"Before we even started at 10 o'clock we had already had 55 cars lined up," said Gutierrez.

Plans are already underway for yet another drive-thru giveaway. If you would like to help partner or donate, just head to the school's website at learn4life.org.