Flowered Hot Dog Buns Bloom in Chicago!

CHICAGO -- Fat Rice in Chicago is known for its Macanese small plates, and its bakery is adding Asian flare to a classic city staple too.

Their Chicago-style hot dog bun is a feast for the eyes and taste buds.

"I think what is so great about the Chicago hot dog is that it offers a variety of flavor and textures," said Adrienne Lo, co-owner of Fat Rice and its bakery. "The hot dog itself is super snappy, fatty, salty. And you have that nice sport pepper that adds a nice heat to it. The relish and the mustard kind of come together and add acidity and the tomatoes bring a little acidity and a nice freshness to the whole thing."

Lo said the hot dog is something that everyone visiting Chicago should try.

"It's just a novelty item that really, people are drawn to," she said.
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