How one man takes old toys and makes them new in Chicago's Death By Toys

CHICAGO -- Dan Polydoris does not play around when it comes to making his fun, funky and sometimes bizarre toys.

As the founder of Death by Toys, Dan admits he's more comfortable with his toys than people.

His passion for his craft is underscored by a house literally filled with toys, from his bedroom to the living room to the "Bat Room": a room filled from top to bottom with Batman memorabilia. It's no wonder his environment inspires him!

And the toys he makes are "unique," to say the least. There's a "Karen" figurine modeled off the internet meme, a flaming garbage can he packaged as "Year 2020," and clown pubes. He has something a little different (and maybe a little dark) for everyone.

For example, when Dan lost his mother recently he paid tribute to her with a "dead mom" action figure, which he posted on Mother's Day. He recalled it didn't go over very well with some customers, but nonetheless sold out.

Dan gave us a tour of his favorite mega-toy store in Chicago, SMASH, where he rummaged through drawers and boxes of toys for cast-offs to decapitate and use to breathe life into his next creation.

Back at the ranch, Dan chops up an existing figures, makes a mold with silicone, then a copy of the original, and finally sprays, mounts and packages it all at home.

Dan can poke fun at everything, including himself, and knows what he loves - toys - but even that can be mixed with a little self-doubt. He insists he loves making toys and doing good work, but at the same time said," I hate everything I make too and just want to get it out of the house."