20 women suing Lyft claim they were sexually assaulted, raped by company's drivers

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Thursday, December 5, 2019
20 women suing Lyft claim they were sexually assaulted, raped by company's drivers
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The ridesharing company Lyft is being sued by 20 individuals who say they were sexually assaulted and raped by its drivers. The plaintiffs told their stories in graphic detail.

SAN FRANCISCO -- The plaintiffs told their stories in graphic detail.

"He had his hands down my pants and he was groping and raping me."

"That night, the Lyft driver raped me while I was in the back seat of the car."

"The next thing I knew, the driver was on top of me trying to put his tongue in my mouth."

Three of the 20 women suing Lyft appeared before reporters, saying they had been sexually assaulted by the rideshare company's drivers.

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Their lawyer is Mike Bomberger.

"Bottom line is that Lyft does not take the safety of its passengers seriously and never has," he said.

This is the second lawsuit filed against Lyft since September by the law firm of Estey and Bomberger.

Fourteen individuals said in that suit they were also the victims of rape and sexual assaults by their drivers.

Since September, Lyft says it has added more safety features.

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Bomberger says they simply don't work.

"One of the reasons we know they don't work is because eight of the women that are part of this lawsuit had their incidents occur after those features were in play."

And there have been even more victims, Bomberger says.

"We've gotten calls from a hundred different women since just September of this year about being assaulted."

One plaintiff who went by the name Ashley, and her husband, said Lyft was totally uncooperative.

"They wouldn't give the police any information at all," said Ashley.

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"Yeah, when I was with the police, we contacted Lyft and they weren't helpful at all," her husband Joe added.

The plaintiffs are asking the company to digitally record all rides as the most effective way to prevent attacks by drivers.

"If an employee knows their employer is watching them, they're not going to be committing crimes in the car."

Lyft responded with a written statement saying in part, "we are relentless in our work to build safety into every aspect of our work."

Lyft says it "launched more than 15 new safety features, including criminal background monitoring and in-App emergency assistance to make reporting easier."

Attorney Bomberger says expect more lawsuits to come.