3 Maine high school students suspended over alleged rapist note

MAINE -- Three female high school students in Maine were suspended after posting notes in school calling attention to reports of sexual assault in the district.

One of the notes read quote, "there's a rapist in our school and you know who it is."

Another listed a series of demands including improved methods for reporting sexual assault.

Aela Mansmann said she was trying to draw attention to several incidents of sexual assault over the past year or so that some students felt were being ignored or not properly handled by school officials.

"I definitely am ashamed that - to say that I go to Cape Elizabeth High School with this being their reaction," Mansmann said.

Dozens of students walked out of class Monday in protest of the suspensions.

According to CNN affiliate WGME, Mansmann is planning to appeal the suspension on Wednesday.

The school district did not respond to WGME's request for comment.
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