NYPD make 2 arrests after man found on fire in Queens dies, woman's fingernail led to arrest

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015
2 arrested after man found shot and set on fire
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Josh Einiger reports that a fingernail may have been the break in the case.

ASTORIA (WABC) -- A woman and her brother have been arrested in connection with the burning death of a man in Queens over the weekend.

Dawn Mcintosh, 46, of Queens, has been charged with murder, criminal possession of a weapon and tampering with physical evidence. Donte Watkins, 21, of Queens was also charged in the incident with tampering with physical evidence.

"For her to shoot him and then burn him? I can't get that image out of me," said Barbara McWhorter, the victim's mother.

It's an awful image McWhorter just can't shake. Her son Shron, gunned down and set ablaze in a back alley in Queens allegedly by a woman cops describe as his girlfriend, but she calls a stalker.

"I told her if you come back again I'm going to have you arrested," McWhorter said.

Monday night, Dawn McIntosh is under arrest but for a much more serious crime.

Saturday morning cops say she murdered Shron McWhorter in a jealous rage, shooting him twice, before dousing his body with lighter fluid, and striking a match.

It was an eagle-eyed detective who solved the case after investigators found a woman's fingernail on the body.

"We start talking to people who he knows, we talk to his girlfriend. We noticed as we were talking to his girlfriend, she was missing a fingernail. We take her back into custody and she admits she killed him," said Chief Robert Boyce, NYPD Detective Bureau.

Investigators say she told them McWhorter had been cheating on her and owed her money. And allegedly admits to the killing as the two argued in an Astoria alley, a usually quiet community, where neighbors woke up to the gruesome scene.

"He was bloody. He had bloody hands and you could tell that a fire had gone on because the floor was actually burned," said Patricia, a resident. "Our children play in this community driveway, now everyone's terrified to let their kids come out to play."

The medical examiner is conducting the autopsy.