Man charged after shutting down busy Houston highway for marriage proposal

HOUSTON -- Charges have been filed against a man who stopped traffic on a busy freeway for a marriage proposal.

The proposal happened on the North Freeway near downtown Houston on Sunday. Eyewitness News learned Tuesday that Harris County District Attorney's Office is charging Vidal Valladares, 24, with obstruction of highway, a class b misdemeanor.

We spoke with the couple on Tuesday, as Valladares said he was going downtown to answer to the charges.

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Vidal Valladares and Michelle Wycoff describe the reaction they've received after all the attention their proposal got in Houston.

"I'm feeling bad, and of course," said Valladares. "I'm wanting to apologize to everyone if I caused any problems. That wasn't my intention in the beginning. I just wanted to do something different."

"He just proposed . It's not like he did it, I don't know,' said Valladares' fiance, Michelle Wycoff. "It's hard and knowing the fact; We find it scary, you know. And we're really sorry."

Both Valladares and Wycoff say they were surprised about the charges. Valladares said he just wanted to do something different. He says it knows it was crazy and dangerous, but he's in love and it was worth it.

A lot of our viewers chimed in on this via Facebook.

Tia Leigh Sembera says, "While it's sweet, it's selfish and rude. He completely disregarded other people's lives."

And while most of the comments side with police, others came to the couple's defense.

Christine Schultz Betancourt, "Please I was in traffic at this time people were going around honking and clapping no big deal. Congratulations to the couple."

A happy Couple, for better or worse.

"We hope that everyone can forgive us," said Wycoff.

"If I need to turn myself in I will. This is on me. This is something I planned, not her or my friends. I'm responsible," added Valladares.

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