Car bursts into flames at conclusion of Massachusetts high-speed chase

BOSTON, Massachusetts (WABC) -- A high-speed police pursuit through a half a dozen towns in Massachusetts ended with a fireball as the chase played out on live television.

The drama began Wednesday morning when officers approached a Toyota Camry stopped near a dam in Walpole, about 30 miles south of Boston.

The officers approached the driver and tried to talk to him, but they say his answers were bizarre.

According to police, the driver then took off, dragging one officer about 100 yards. Fortunately, he was not injured.

The driver of the Camry continued to treat the road like a racetrack, weaving his car in and out of crawling traffic for several minutes before he spun out in the middle of the highway.

The car continued to speed into Dedham, before the chase moved into Boston. There, the driver ditched the car before it suddenly burst into flames.

After running, he darted into an apartment building and reportedly tried to bribe a man into letting him into his place. But police caught up to the driver and arrested him, before putting the word out on Twitter that everyone was safe.
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