Men record death-defying escape from wildfire with dogs

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Roommates Michael Vien and Layton Smith got in the car with their dogs when the flames were approaching. They recorded the moments immediately after they left behind their home, which is now gone. (Michael Vien/YouTube)

If these two roommates had stayed in their Yuba County, California home, they wouldn't be here today.

"I think I'm just happy to be alive honestly," Michael Vien told KOVR of the death-defying escape, which they got on camera.

When the men saw the flames from the Cascade Fire approaching, they grabbed their dogs, piled into the car and left their home, which is now completely gone.

Vien wrote on the pair's GoFundMe page that the escape with his roommate, Layton Smith, happened on October 8.

"We had just enough time to grab flashlights, a few meger posessions [sic] and get our dogs before it was on top of us," Vien wrote. "There was not time to plan or think, only run."

In the video, flames surround the car as the men try to navigate the road, though neither can see because of the smoke. At one point Vien gets out of the car to open a gate. He screams, "We're going to f***king die, dude, we gotta get out of here."

At the end of the video, they decide to plow through another gate and find an area where they are not surrounded by flames.

Vien wrote that the pair lost everything in the fire. One week later, the Cascade fire is 87 percent contained, according to officials.
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