Fashion faux pas: What your guy shouldn't be wearing

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017
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On this edition of Men's Week, we take a look at fashion faux pas.

HOUSTON -- Hey guys! Are you a fashion victim? Don't waste your money on clothes that don't work for you.

In this edition of Men's Week, we've got common fashion faux pas that men will want to avoid.

We asked a few women about their guys getting it wrong.

"I don't like when guys wear too big pants and they don't fit right and their underwear is showing," one woman said.

"Crocs. Burn them," another woman told us.

And not wearing enough color was another complaint.

Image consultant and self-proclaimed "Men"-ister of Style said fashion mistakes can cost you.

"You only get one time to make a first impression," Alfred Green said.

Ill-fitted attire can make or break you.

"Whether it's too big or too small," Green said.

Another big no-no is wearing socks with sandals or flip flops.

"I don't care if you are 65 or 25. You should not have white tube socks with sandals," Green said.

Green also suggested not to wear athletic socks with dress shoes.

And finally, don't wear wrinkled clothes. It'll leave them wondering.

"If they show up like this and everybody is seeing them, what is not being seen at home," Green said.