Coronavirus News: Nassau County officials offer tips for anxiety, mental health

EAST MEADOW, Long Island (WABC) -- As the coronavirus pandemic continues to grow, many people are feeling a lot of anxiety.

Mental health experts say they have seen an increase in people asking for help dealing with the crisis.

Nassau County officials said Wednesday they are noticing more people dealing with anxiety.

They also said they are seeing those with pre-existing mental health conditions and addiction sooner than they thought.

"While we're dealing with the physical health issues I am particularly concerned right now with our residents' mental health," said County Executive Laura Curran. "We're here to assure you that help is here, help is available."

"Those who are struggling with alcoholism, those who are struggling with substance abuse disorders go on Facebook and see memes about how much wine it will take to get through the quarantine and at the same time they're struggling to not look for new ways to cope with the huge amount of stress that they're dealing with," said President of Family and Children's Association Dr. Jeff Reynolds.

Some advice for anxiety and stress includes try to set a schedule or routine, talk to each other, check in on each other, perform acts of kindness and exercise.

Anyone in need of assistance can call 516-277-8255 (TALK).


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