New York Mets legend Ed Kranepool searching for new kidney

Monday, March 6, 2017
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Laura Behnke talks to Mets legend Ed Kranepool.

JERICHO, Long Island (WABC) -- New York Mets legend Ed Kranepool's phone has been ringing a lot lately.

"We've had a tremendous response, people come out of the woods, people I don't know. Makes you tear up sometimes," Kranepool says.

Less than six months ago, Kranepool's life changed forever, when he found himself struggling to breathe. He eventually found that his kidneys were failing, and that a transplant was necessary.

"You thing you're gonna stay healthy all the time, but here's the situation, you don't stay healthy - things change," he says.

Kranepool, who was a member of the 1969 'Miracle Mets,' has been living with diabetes for decades, and last week had a big toe amputated due to an aggressive infection. It is the first step in his quest for a new kidney - one that the Mets, and Mets fans have supported.

"There've been so many wonderful people - New York is a great town. Loved as a player - stayed my whole life," the Mets legend added.

Kranepool says he doesn't know who is a perfect match.

"We hope we find one - don't need two," he says.

So for now, he waits.

"I've done a lot of things in my years with the Mets, 50 years, tried to give back - maybe it pays off," says Kranepool.

If you are interested to see if you are a match to become a kidney donor, you can contact Stony Brook University Hospital at 631-444-2209