MARIACHI: The love of Mexico's traditional music unites cultures worldwide

LOS ANGELES -- Mariachi Is Mexico's traditional music, celebrating every milestone in life, even death, and an especially important musical element when it comes to holidays like Mexico's Independence Day!

Mariachi music is loved worldwide by people from all cultures. The Mariachi Divas, an all-female Los Angeles-based musical group, were pioneers during a time when very few female mariachis existed. The group's founder, Cindy Shea, describes what makes the genre so special.

"There's something that's very powerful about mariachi music," said Shea. "What I've seen is that the music of mariachi brings family together, brings generations of families together. Music is what brings it together. You have to live it to know it."

"You're talking about a century-old tradition. Mexican Independence represents I think to a lot of people the spirit of freedom," said Fermin Herrera, a professor with California State University of Northridge. "And why not celebrate that with something that is so effervescent."