Michael Avenatti taken into custody by IRS agents on allegations of violating terms of pre-trial release

LOS ANGELES -- Michael Avenatti, the former attorney for porn star Stormy Daniels, was taken into custody by IRS agents Tuesday on allegations of violating the terms of his pre-trial release.

Avenatti has been facing criminal investigations in New York and California on a variety of issues, including alleged extortion of Nike in New York, wire fraud of a client and tax fraud in California.

The State Bar of California last year began the process to disbar him from law practice in the state.

On Tuesday, Avenatti was appearing for a disciplinary hearing involving the California State Bar.

During a break in the proceedings, IRS agents took him into custody, sources tell ABC News.

Avenatti first came to public attention as the attorney for Daniels in lawsuits against President Donald Trump related an alleged nondisclosure agreement over an alleged affair. Last year Daniels replaced Avenatti with a different attorney.

Avenatti is expected to appear in federal court in Santa Ana Wednesday.
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