Texas mom spanks teen son with belt after he took off in her BMW

EL PASO, Texas -- A Texas 14-year-old's antics looked like something out of a movie when he took off in his mom's brand-new BMW, but the fun quickly ended in a not-so-happy ending for the teen.

Liza Campero shared the whole ordeal involving her brother, Aaron Martinez, in a series of tweets that quickly went viral.

Campero said it all started with Martinez disconnecting the WiFi in the house last Friday, which enabled him to kill the security cameras and ultimately stopped his mom from seeing what he was doing.

Once he hatched the plan, he put it into motion while his mom was away, grabbing her keys and setting off to pick up his best friend.

While his joyride was underway, Campero's mom was tipped off about the heist by the mother of Aaron's best friend.

Campero said she lives next door to her mom and checked to confirm if her new car was there. When she saw that it wasn't, the search to track down Aaron kicked into overdrive.

"She told me she was on her way home and to grab her belt," Campero said.

Once she joined her mom, they stopped at Aaron's girlfriend's house to see if she had heard from the duo.

"The girlfriend called his best friend, and there was another girl with themm," Campero said. "The girl that was with them said that mom was looking for them."

Campero and her mom were able to narrow down Aaron's whereabouts because the boys were also in the girl's quinceanera. Since the kids practiced at the girl's house, Campero's mom knew where she lived.

Sure enough, Aaron was at a nearby intersection. The light turned green, and Campero's mom wasn't far behind.

"Pull over now," she yells, honking her horn as she pulls alongside him. She's then heard saying the words no child wants to hear.

"Give me the belt."

Campero's mom grabs it, swings open the BMW car door and starts spanking her son.

"She said when she opened the door, he was smirking," Campero said. "And as soon as he saw the belt, he wiped the smile off his face."

It appears the only thing that got hurt for Aaron was his pride -- initially. Campero said he did admit to being embarrassed by the incident at first, but then kids started calling the high school freshman "El Paso Ferris Bueller."

And in the end, even he admitted, it was a crazy stunt.

"He says he learned his lesson, and it was deserved and needs to make better decisions and didn't do the right thing," Campero said.

Campero said her brother had all of his electronics taken away, including his Playstation 4. His bedroom door was also taken off the hinges, and he can only either be at school or with his mom.

He's also grounded until further notice.

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