Coronavirus News: A day inside Mount Sinai Queens

QUEENS (WABC) -- Dr. Erik Blutinger, an emergency medicine physician at Mount Sinai Queens in his first year out of training, shared a video diary in which he gave a glimpse of conditions behind the scenes on the front line in the battle against COVID-19.

Blutinger begins the diary as he sits in his car before starting his shift, describing the high level of anxiety about going into work.

"I'm a little bit anxious going into work. I don't really know what today will be like," said Blutinger. "Every day is like a jack-in-the-box."

He then gives viewers a glimpse inside an emergency department crowded with patients.

"There are so many people in the hallways that are all COVID-19 positive," said Blutinger. "I am seeing young patients, old patients. Patients of all ages who are just incredibly sick."

Blutinger then tours two tents set up outside the hospital that are for patients when the emergency room reaches capacity.

"There's a lot of dark, difficult cases being handled right now," said Blutinger.

On a lighter note, he explains how the hospital plays 'Here Comes The Sun' by The Beatles on a loudspeaker whenever a COVID-19 positive patient is discharged.

"And I think on my drive home - like I do every night - what more I could be doing to fight this crisis, and what cures are possibly out there," said Blutinger. "And what next study is going to come out that will give us more of a direction in fighting this awful enemy."

Blutinger later appeared on World News Tonight and said that conditions had improved since he took the video diary.



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