'Sing' review: A family movie that leaves you smiling

NEW YORK (WABC) -- I watched "Sing" on a Friday night and it made me happy for the entire weekend. This is a family movie that everyone can enjoy, but just to be sure I saw the picture with a 10 year old, and she liked it just as much as I did. Maybe even more!

It's easy to sing the praises of a holiday movie so full of good cheer. It'll leave you smiling long after you leave the theater, and grateful parents will be singing.

Mathew McConaughey lends his voice to the koala bear at the heart of this story.

His theater isn't doing that well, but Buster has a plan to turn around his fortunes - a singing competition.

Would you believe Scarlett Johannsen as a guitar goddess? Or how about Reese Witherspoon as mom to a very large family who shares the stage with a guy named Gunther?

"Sing" is from the folks who gave us the "Minions" seen only once before the film starts, but the rest of the film is in keeping with their slightly goofy vibe.

Pop music is very much a part of this movie.

"The music in this film is really great," said sixth grader Francesca de Curtis, but she told me the best part about "Sing" was its positive message that "you should always live up to your dreams."

One of things about "Sing" are the many different styles of music. So says 17-year-old Clayton Pickard, who is part of the 'Kids First' group of young critics we met earlier this year. Some of the hits you hear were recorded long before today's kids were born and you'll have fun explaining all about the music you love to the children in your family. Go see the movie says Francesca, and I agree.

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