Mugshots: 45 arrests in 3 separate gun, drug, gang takedowns in Brooklyn

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The NYPD and other law enforcement partners on Thursday announced 45 arrests in three different takedowns in Brooklyn.

The NYPD and other law enforcement partners on Thursday announced 45 arrests in three different takedowns in Brooklyn, one firearms and two drug and gang related.

In the first case, three suspects -- two in Virginia and one in Brooklyn -- were arrested for allegedly trafficking firearms from Virginia to New York.

Authorities say that between April of 2017 and May of 2018, members of the gun conspiracy used straw purchasers to acquire more than 40 firearms, several of which were recovered by law enforcement in the New York area.

In the second case, 27 suspects were arrested and charged with selling powdered and crack cocaine, heroin and oxycodone pills in the Brownsville section.

And in the third case, 15 alleged members of a Brooklyn drug trafficking crew were arrested and charged with distributing crack cocaine and heroin from 2015 to May 2018. Several of the suspects are also charged with firearms-related offenses used in protecting the drug trafficking organization.
Gun Trafficking Case

Authorities say Joseph Johnson, Brianna Glee and Tyshon Stevens were charged as members of a gun trafficking conspiracy that used straw gun buyers to purchase more than 40 firearms from dealers in Virginia between April 2017 and May 2018. Johnson and Stevens were also charged with being felons in possession of a firearm. According to court filings, multiple firearms that were illegally acquired and distributed by the defendants were recovered by law enforcement officers in the New York area.

As set forth in the indictment and other filings by the government, the gun-trafficking operation was run by Johnson, who enlisted straw buyers including Glee to purchase multiple firearms. As part of the scheme, the straw buyers lied on ATF Forms 4473 by falsely certifying that they were not purchasing the firearms on behalf of others. Johnson then used Facebook to market those firearms to multiple individuals with gang ties in Brooklyn. In June 2017, Johnson contacted a potential buyer in Brooklyn on Facebook sending images of an array of firearms.

According to the indictment, Johnson also relied on Stevens and others to find buyers for the firearms in New York City. Stevens, using Facebook, communicated with Johnson about his inventory and prices, and two firearms obtained by Johnson's straw purchasers were subsequently seized by the NYPD from previously convicted felons in New York.

If convicted, Johnson and Stevens face a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. Glee faces up to five years in prison on each count.

Drug Trafficking Case 1

Authorities say 27 suspects were variously charged in connection with selling powdered and crack cocaine, heroin and oxycodone pills following an investigation into a major drug trafficking operation at housing developments in Brownsville.

Through the use of physical and electronic surveillance, authorities say it was determined that Hassan Nixon was allegedly a major supplier of cocaine to mid-level dealers operating within various housing developments in Brownsville, including the Seth Low Houses, Glenmore Plaza and the Van Dyke Houses. Nixon allegedly used alleged gang member Karon Farrell as his narcotics lieutenant, and together, Nixon and Farrell allegedly controlled the flow of cocaine from elsewhere in New York City into and throughout those housing developments.

Nixon allegedly supplied his cocaine network with narcotics that he allegedly purchased from multiple sources, including Ronald Langhorne and Louis Peebles, who allegedly purchased cocaine that they broke down and resold in both powdered and rock form. Langhorne allegedly utilized a number of individuals, including Peebles, to assist him in cutting the cocaine, cooking it into crack cocaine, and packaging it for resale.

The suspects are:
1. Hassan Nixon, aka Ha, 39, Brooklyn, NY.
2. Jalil Nixon, aka Hood, 28, Brooklyn, NY.
3. Karon Farrell, aka KK, 27, Brooklyn, NY.
4. Benjamin Clark, aka KB, 47, Brooklyn, NY.
5. Ronald Langhorne, aka Riz, 43, Brooklyn, NY.
6. Louis Peebles, aka Fresh, 35, Brooklyn, NY.
7. Samuel Hayslett, 40, Brooklyn, NY.
8. Hasson Davis, 39, Queens, NY.
9. Massiah House, 37, Brooklyn, NY.
10. Rashawn Bethelmie aka Slump, 30, Brooklyn, NY.
11. Brian Hightower, aka Freaky, 59, Brooklyn, NY.
12. Antoine Nurse, aka Tootie, 49, Brooklyn, NY.
13. Kimani Everett, 27, Staten Island, NY.
14. Norbert Layne, aka Nunu, 47, Brooklyn, NY.
15. Divante New, 25, Brooklyn, NY.
16. Tyrique Kelly, 31, Brooklyn, NY.
17. Jamel Lillard, aka, Bam, 25, Brooklyn, NY.
18. Rayshon Davis, 31, Queens, NY.
19. Luis Ortiz, 39, Brooklyn, NY.
20. Ony Diaz, 26, Brooklyn, NY.
21. Christopher Lowrie, 25, Brooklyn, NY.
22. Emmanuel Sastre, 44, Brooklyn, NY.
23. Rosa Ramos, 28, Brooklyn, NY.
24. David Gonzalez, 28, Brooklyn, NY.
25. Rishon Bliss, 38, Brooklyn, NY.
26. Kristopher Harris, 30, Brooklyn, NY.
27. Brandon Thomas, 28, Brooklyn, NY.

Drug Trafficking Case 2

Fifteen alleged members of a Brooklyn drug trafficking organization known as the "Boss Crew" were arrested and charged with narcotics and firearms offenses.

They were identified as:

1. Tyshawn Burgess, aka Ty, aka Ty Black
2. Lloyd Gordon, aka LG
3. Larry Bayer, aka L
4. Kerry Felix, aka Mack
5. Devantae Newton, aka D-Block, aka Sneeze
6. Tyrell Sumpter, aka Rell, aka Ruger
7. Maurice Curtis, aka Mo
8. Tyquan Robinson, aka Blacko
9. Tyreek Ogarro, aka Reek
10. Darren Miller, aka Dice, aka Darren Thomas
11. Ernest Murphy, aka Problem G, aka E
12. Ramal Curtis, aka Rah
13. Kelly Royster, aka KK
14. Robert Rhodes, aka Charlie
15. Kaemar Wilson, aka K

Authorities say the suspects were members of a drug trafficking organization that distributed significant quantities of narcotics, including crack cocaine and heroin, on a daily basis, in and around the Bedford Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn. Burgess was the alleged ringleader who authorities say supervised other members, coordinated the supply of narcotics to other drug dealers, and referred drug customers to members for sales.

According to the complaint, Gordon and Miller supplied wholesale quantities of crack cocaine to members and associates for street-level distribution, while Bayer and Murphy maintained narcotics and narcotics paraphernalia at stash location and packaged the narcotics for street-level distribution.

According to the charges, Ogarro, Curtis, Royster and Rhodes purchased and facilitated the purchase of wholesale quantities of narcotics, while Sumpter, Robinson, Bayer, Felix, Newton and Curtis functioned as street level distributors.

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