Fire captain arrested after walking into 7-Eleven completely nude

MIDDLETOWN, R.I. -- A 60-year-old Massachusetts fire captain is charged with disorderly conduct after going into a 7-Eleven store, completely naked.

Police said he did it on a dare from his 29-year-old girlfriend.

A picture shows Lynnfield Fire Captain John Walsh wearing his formal work uniform.

But last week, police said he sported a different look when he walked into a convenience store in Middletown, Rhode Island, completely nude.

"It's not funny at all," said a store employee, who did not want to be identified. "In fact it's very scary when you have someone come in completely naked."

The employee said Walsh walked up to the register in his birthday suit and bought a soda.

"He was extremely comfortable in the store. Handed me the Coke, smiled, never said anything," she said.

With Walsh standing before her in the buff, the worker said she fumbled to make change for the drink while dialing police.

She said he left the store with a woman before officers arrived.

"When he got into the car, they were both looking at me like it was completely normal. What's the problem?" she said.

The store employee took down their license plate number and they were pulled over.

According to a police report, the woman in the car told officers Walsh is her boyfriend and that she dared him to walk into the store naked because Walsh told her it was legal in Rhode Island.

WHDH looked into that claim and found that while it may be okay to be naked in Rhode Island, if it causes others distress, you can face charges.

Walsh is now on paid administrative leave from his job.

"I felt extremely threatened," the employee said. "I wanted him arrested naked, the way he was, handcuffed. It's absolutely the worst thing that's occurred in my life."

Walsh has worked for the Lynnfield Fire Department since 1979.