Man who captured incredible video of near-collision on New Jersey Turnpike speaks out

ByRenee Stoll WABC logo
Tuesday, January 20, 2015
Man who captured incredible video of near-collision on New Jersey Turnpike speaks out
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NEW BRUNSWICK (WABC) -- It's video no one can seem to take their eyes off of. A massive semi headed straight for a man who is recording it all on his phone with nowhere to go on the New Jersey Turnpike after the roads became a slip and slide of black ice.


"I realized that there was really nothing else I could do but hope for divine intervention," said the man who shot the video who did not want to be identified. On YouTube, he identifies himself as "MrLegolize"

The man who shot the video told Eyewitness News that he felt like he was watching something out of a movie. He had initially stopped near Exit 9 when he saw the trucks that had fishtailed in front of him, blocking the lanes.

"It was real bizarre to see, so I decided to actually pull out my phone," he says, "and ad that point, I heard some noise in the back, and turned around and basically had the camera rolling the whole time."

Nearly frozen in fear, yet very calm, the driver kept his phone on the truck, narrowly missed him, and jumped the barrier into oncoming traffic.

The man who shot the video said he was truly calm until he shut off his camera and went to dial 911.

"I realized how badly my hands were shaking," he said.

Amazingly no one was injured, but it is not the only dangerous situation brought on by black ice this weekend. A Jeep Cherokee slid at full speed down a road in Yonkers, stopping short of a store.

"It literally hit the curb, got off balance, hit the fire hydrant and hit another car and missed the store," said pharmacist Srinvasa Chintamaneni.

After the ordeal, a witness came to the scene of the accident trying to help, but he couldn't even stand on the slick sidewalk.