Paul Carluccio the 'Manhole impressionist' paints incredible street art all over NYC streets

MANHATTAN (WABC) -- Art is an expression of yourself, your environment or the people around you. Paul Carluccio is a street artist who uses manholes on the sidewalk to make gorgeous, interpretive paintings!

"I just try to create an intimacy between me and the canvas. I try to take energy that comes from my environment - whether it's me being stressed out in my life or me going through stuff - and it's very therapeutic," said Carluccio.

Paul Carluccio grasps the ridged textures of New York City's history, as he transforms manhole and coal covers into unique, colorful, and explosive paintings.

He started to paint outdoors on the sidewalks using the lines to create landscape paintings. It was not long before he fell in love with manhole covers and has been painting them for years.

"This is abstract expressionism," said Carluccio, "Sometimes I close my eyes just to challenge myself - whatever happens - and I go from there."

He says what inspires a lot of artists is "Maybe I can't do that"... and then you just do it.

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