65 arrested in massive anti-Trump protest, ending at Trump Tower in Midtown

UNION SQUARE, Manhattan (WABC) -- Sixty-five people were arrested last night in New York City protests opposing the election of Republican Donald Trump as president.

The majority of arrests were made in front of Trump Tower. Several people climbed light poles and had to be removed, or burned flags.

Most of those arrested were charged with disorderly conduct. A few were also charged with resisting arrest.

On Thursday, about 100 New School students marched down Fifth Avenue to Washington Square Park to protest Trump's election.

Fifth Avenue reopened early Thursday morning after closing at 57th Street last night. Other protesters gathered in Columbus Circle which also was reopened Thursday morning, although a handful of protesters remain outside Trump International Hotel & Tower.

Protesters materialized around Union Square on Wednesday evening. Thousands were called together through Facebook to release a collective, primal scream.

They marched for 40 blocks and arrived at Trump Tower, the home of President-elect Donald Trump.

The crowd appeared to be bigger than any protest during the Black Lives Matter movement in New York City. "Donald Trump go away, racist, sexist, anti-gay," protesters shouted.

"We're just people who are here who love this country as much as any other person does, and right now what we're showing is love that we love our country," a protester said.

It wasn't clear if anyone believed something would come of this protest. Most understand Trump was elected fairly in the Electoral College.

"He did win the electoral vote that is a fact. I do believe, however, that the majority of Americans do not want this man to be president of the United States," a protester said.
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