Neighborhood Eats: Warm farro salad at Marlow Bistro

UPPER WEST SIDE, New York (WABC) -- In this edition of Neighborhood Eats, we're headed to Manhattan for a taste of Mediterranean cuisine.

Marlow Bistro gives you the feeling of dining in a European garden, from the food to the setting. It's only three months old, located at 1018 Amsterdam Avenue.

The cathedral church of St. John the Divine is across the way, offering a nice view for those eating at the restaurant on the northernmost stretch of the Upper West Side.

Chef Zivko Radojcic comes from a long line of chefs in the former Yugoslavia, but he also picked up a few tricks working at several Michelin-starred restaurants.

Patrons can dine on seafood risotto with squid ink black sand, oven roasted branzino, foie gras designed to look like candy, and pizzas.

For the warm farro, Chef Radojcic warms already cooked farro and adds water, butter and cheese. It's flavored with a ramp pesto and plated with lemon ricotta and brown butter crumbs.

And the food is all enhanced by the ambiance, and quality service.

Recipe for Warm Farro Salad from Marlow Bistro

Farro Ingredients:
--2 cups farro
--1 onion
--1/2 cup white wine
--2 quarts water
--1 tsp chopped garlic

--Sweat onion and garlic in the wide pot
--Add farro and stir for few minutes
--Deglaze with white wine, and cook until wine is done
--Add water and cook it down until farro is soft
--Cool down.

Ramps Pesto Ingredients:

--1/3 cup ramps
--2 garlic cloves chopped
--3 oz olive oil
--1 tbs parmesan
--pinch salt

--Saute ramps and cool them
--Squeeze excess water
--Put everything in the blender and puree it

Pickled Ramps Ingredients:
--1 cup ramps (white part/bulbs)
--1/2 cup water
--1/2 cup white vinegar
--1/2 cup sugar
--2 tbs salt
--1 small red beet

--Put everything in the pot except bulbs and bring to the boil
--When liquid start to boil, add ramps and turn fire off
--Cool down and use as a garnish

Lemon Ricotta Ingredients:
--3/4 cup ricotta
--1 lemon zest
--salt to taste
--2 tbs lemon juice

--Mix everything together

Brown Butter Crumbs Ingredients:
--1/4 cup dry milk
--1/2 cup butter

--Melt butter in the pot, add butter and stir until butter becomes brown
--Strain through fine sieve and place on the towel to dry

Warm Farro Salad Instructions:
--In the pot, put oil and scallions, sweat
--Add water, just enough to reheat farro
--Let water evaporate and add butter, cheese, pinch of salt and finish it with ramps pesto
--Put on the plate, and garnish with pickled ramps, lemon ricotta, brown butter solids
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