Newark mayor leads 'Occupy the Block' march to curb crime in the city

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Friday, May 15, 2015

NEWARK (WABC) -- Residents marched in the streets of Newark Thursday night, in an effort to curb crime in their neighborhoods.

Dozens took part in an 'Occupy the Block' march, led by Newark Mayor Ras Baraka.

Demonstrators are aiming to take back their streets from criminals.

They are concerned that the rise in temperatures will bring a spike in street crime.

"We are strategizing and working around the clock to find remedy for this spike in violence," said Baraka. "Our police department has been working feverishly and in the first quarter has brought the homicide rate down 40 percent and overall crime down significantly as well, but one life lost is too many and any victim is one victim too much."

Baraka said the city has over 50 new police recruits in its academy and plans to put 100 more in before the year is out.

He said the 'Occupy the Block' movement will be held three days a week in blocks around the city.