1 being questioned as police investigate threats against NYPD, Philadelphia officers

MANHATTAN, New York (WABC) -- New York City police are investigating a possible threat against its officers, as well as one against officers in Philadelphia, and one person is being questioned by authorities.

On Tuesday, an anonymous caller alerted the NYPD about a man who allegedly wanted to shoot a police officer, saying "it's probably ISIS related." A separate anonymous call to the Philadelphia Police Department about a threat to shoot one of its officers did not mention ISIS.

NYPD Assistant Chief Thomas Galati said Wednesday that the Philadelphia Police Department notified the NYPD about its phone call. The Philadelphia police had connected the call to an address in Upper Manhattan. Afterwards, Galati said, the NYPD got an anonymous call, also indicating that the same person was going to shoot a police officer.

Galati said police knew who the person accused of making the threats was, and when the 36-year-old man heard that the NYPD was looking to interview him, he notified his parole officer of his whereabouts. He was taken to the 40th Precinct to be interviewed by detectives in the matter.

Sources say he is currently on parole and has two open warrants, though he has no known connection to Philadelphia.

PBA President Patrick Lynch said police are "always a potential target for terrorists and political extremists" in a statement, and he urged members to be alert and "to take all necessary precautions. Be mindful that any call, regardless of how insignificant it appears to be, may be a set up."

Galati said there has been an officer safety alert to make sure all officers know who the potential threat is.

"We are taking it serious based on what happened in Philadelphia a couple weeks ago," he said.

Here is the full text of Lynch's statement:

"New York City police officers recognize that they are always a potential target for terrorists and political extremists. The PBA is reminding all of our members to be alert at all times, back each other up and to take all necessary precautions when responding to jobs. Be mindful that any call, regardless of how insignificant it appears to be, may be a set up. Rely on your training and tactics and trust your instincts. Don't hesitate to call for back up when your gut tells you something is wrong."

Authorities are now trying to determine if there's any truth to the tip called in, supposedly by a rival gang member, and that's why police brass didn't want to say a lot about the case or give it any more publicity.

"I think the chief has gone about as far as we can go on this," NYPD deputy commissioner of counter-terrorism John Miller said. "That is why this was an alert put out to police officers as opposed to the public at large, because this investigation is still at that stage. So I think we're going to have to move off of this for now."
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