4 masked men rob New Jersey food warehouse, attack owner

RAHWAY, New Jersey (WABC) -- Police are investigating after four masked men stormed into a New Jersey food distribution warehouse and attacked the owner.

The robbery happened at Naz HS Inc on New Brunswick Avenue in Rahway.

It was brazen and well planned. There were no license plates on the getaway car, so cameras would not record it.

The suspects pulled it off Tuesday, when cash for business payments was on site.

The four walked into the warehouse and headed straight for the office.

Two of them acted as lookouts, while the man with the gun headed straight for owner Mohammed Halim, sitting behind the desk.

The robber demanded money and used his gun to intimidate and assault Halim.

"I see guys with masks get in my room with gun, and he showed me the gun and opened the drawer and he grabbed envelope, looking for money in envelope, then he hit me in the back and said 'hurry up, give me money, give me money'", said Halim.

In less than 2 minutes, they were gone with $5,000.

Halim immediately called Rahway police.

Nas is a food distribution company, specializing in African and Haitian, and Asian foods.

It's been at the location for 3 years along a quiet alley without any problems.

But after this, Halim is thinking about relocating, concerned about the safety of his employees.

Police say the men took off in a black Camry, but it is not clear whether they own it or were renting it.
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