5 New City businesses on or near Main Street all burglarized on same night

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Marcus Solis has the details. (WABC)

Police are searching for a group of suspects believed to be behind a string of bold burglaries in Rockland County.

Authorities say that in a matter of hours, the thieves struck half a dozen businesses in New City that are all within blocks of the Clarkstown Police Department.

The suspect or suspects jimmied the lock to break into Peggy Marzell's hair salon. But she was actually the lucky one among a group of business owners, who were all burglarized this week.

Despite an exhaustive search for cash, whoever broke in left empty handed.

"We had no money in our registers, so there was nothing to take," Marzell said. "But they didn't even look through the other rooms, they just went straight to the front where the register is and just broke through the doors that they needed to go through to get there."

Police are investigating a total of five break-ins that all took place overnight Wednesday and are all within a few blocks of each other, on or next to Main Street. The thieves hit three hair salons, one nail salon and a dance studio, which shares a common entrance to the hair salon owned by Ray Jankowski.

In each of the four successful thefts, the suspect or suspects got away with a few hundred dollars.

"I guess they figured the police are out somewhere else now, so we'll come there now when they're all gone," Jankowski said.

Anyone with information is asked to call police.
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