7 On Your Side gets letter FROM Santa asking for help

DUNELLON, New Jersey (WABC) -- You don't want to get on the bad side of Santa, do you?

These are Santas who fill in when Santa gets too busy and can't make it down from the North Pole. One in New York, the other in New Jersey. But both sent out a letter to us when they both say they got grinched.

Santa's putting on his best chuckle, but he hasn't been feeling so jolly since last Christmas. He's talking about The Best Santa Claus Agency that books Santa's helpers - nationwide.

"I was like what going on here?", he said.

This popular Santa was booked to spread joy at phone store openings in our area. But he only got partial payment. "Grinched," out more than a grand.

"Christmas Eve I did two events in the Bronx," said Santa's helper, Rick Thomsen.

But, even though his checks stopped coming, Santa showed up on his busiest night of the year. "It's the season. It's the smiles, who gonna stiff Santa?" said Santa Rick.

"Who on Earth would want to rip off Santa Claus?" One Santa, Daniel Hanson says The Best Santa Claus Agency owes him too, more than $1300 in fees. He blames the company owner who calls herself Cindy Claus.

"She talked a big game, hired all these Santas nationwide," said Santa Daniel.

And ever since spreading Christmas cheer? Crickets.

"I shot 'em an email, no response, phone call no response message on Facebook, no response," said Santa Daniel.

So Santa shot an email to us. So we reached out to Cindy Claus.

"Oh my goodness so thank you merry much oh my goodness YES!!" said Santa Rick.

Finally presents for Santa, both paid in full.

We checked with the stores where Santa showed up, the parent company said they paid the agency on time.

So why didn't Cindy Claus pay her Santas?

She said she was "advised by her lawyer not to comment on this past situation." In all we helped recover more than $2300 for Santa. That should help get us on the nice list next holiday!
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