7 On Your Side sprints to action after fun run is cancelled

NEW JERSEY (WABC) -- You've probably heard of them, fun runs that combine laser lights, neon, and spray foam all over runners. But last month one event got grounded. That's when Nina Pineda sprinted into action to recover refunds.

The Color Buzz, full of fuzzy foam, lights and lasers put on its fun runs across the country promising to "blow your mind." But this family feels the Color Buzz only blew their money.

"It just seems like they (Color Buzz's response) disappeared," said Amy Mikosz, a race participant. "No one is getting responses, no one is getting their money back."

Amy, her mom and her daughter Madison joined a team to raise money and awareness for one of her best friends Ben Lepisto. A cancerous brain tumor was discovered when Ben became ill running track as a freshman at Woodbridge High School, and the community has rallied around the teen and his family ever since.

As part of the Barron's for Ben community, in May, they helped formed a team to raise awareness by running in the Lakewood Color Buzz, scheduled for July 16th at First Energy Stadium, home of the Lakewood Blue Claws minor league team.

"Right before we were supposed to do the run they cancelled it," Amy said.

Color Buzz announced "unforeseen circumstances" led to the hard decision, but when registrants tried to get their money back, it was a tough road.

"There is absolutely no communication we have tried every which way emailed tons of times," Amy said.

So 7 On Your Side did some research and found out the stadium complex, home of the minor league Blue Claws didn't collect a deposit from Color Buzz to hold the venue even though thousands of runners registered and paid months in advance.

When we contacted Color Buzz, the Arizona-based race organizer raced to credit the fees back to Amy's credit card.

Color Buzz apologized for any inconvenience rescheduling the New Jersey event has caused.

If you were signed up, Color Buzz said it will gladly refund tickets if you can't attend the rescheduled event. They're looking forward to deliver a great event in New Jersey but organizers don't have new date or a new venue yet.
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