Angry New Jersey Transit riders sound off about fare increase for bus and rail service

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Toni Yates is in Newark with the latest. (WABC)

Angry commuters sounded off on Facebook after the New Jersey Transit board of directors increased rider fare Wednesday.

The 9 percent average increase goes into effect in October for bus and rail riders. It means about a $40 monthly increase for rail riders and a little less than $40 for bus riders (depending on route).

The increase will help cover a $60 million budget gap even after the agency cut $40 million internally.

Here's what some NJ Transit commuters had to say on the Eyewitness News Facebook page after we asked if the increased fare would change their commute plans:

Hannibal McKinney:
"I wish NJ Transit can ask my bosses if my pay can go up 9% as a result of this."

Sonia Morena:
"They need to consider peoples incomes like come on these fare hikes is what drains people pockets.If there isnt a raise why raise the fares on transportation hence why everyone is leaving out of state."

Matt Pizzano:
"They know a lot of people have no choice. Most of the good-paying jobs are in the city and who really wants to drive into Manhattan all the time?"

Emily Marie Dominguez:
"Change my commute plans to what? Bicycle through the Lincoln Tunnel to work? Of course I have no choice but to pay the increased fare. Sadly, though, my salary won't be increased."

Sulz Jones:
"As bad as their service is, they are lucky people need to work for a living. They need to better their services before hiking up their fares!"

Joe Brucato:
"maybe one day the service will match the price.. one can dream right?"

Stephen Walter:
Nice, next thing is a charge to walk down the sidewalk just because"

User Joanne Goncalves had a different perspective on the increase:
"Who makes all you people experts? NJT hasn't given me a raise in 5 years as a union employee and nonagreement employees haven't seen a raise in at least 8 years. So stop trying to take food out of our families mouths. We all have bills and mortgages and tuitions. So if our pay doesn't increase we have to make cuts in our own budgets. We also pay toward our insurance much to your surprise. But then people also complain if we get a free ride!!! Smh. Even McDonald's gives their employees discounts. So if gas goes up you will complain...everything goes up and it trickles to the customer whether it's food or transportation. That truck driver who drove that 18 wheeler to ShopRite needs a raise n his fuel costs and needs benefits. It's all relevant."

What do you think about the fare increase? Chime in on our Facebook page or in the comment section below.
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