Attempted robbery suspect in the Bronx punched 6-year-old boy in face

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Police in the Bronx are searching for a man who tried to rob a woman and punched her 6-year-old boy in the face when he ran away.

The 6-year-old little hero says the robber pushed and punched him as he tried to defend his mom.

The boy and his mother talked to Eyewitness News in Spanish. We hid their identity because the man responsible for his bruises is still on the loose.

The victim says she and her son where shaking for hours after the attack which was caught on surveillance video

Watch as a man first tries to sell her DVDs in the family Laundromat in Crotona Park East Sunday night.

When she refuses, he snatches her iPhone and takes off running.

She tries to stop him, her 6-year-old son steps in, and that's when police say the man punches the boy in the face, knocking him to the ground.

His 22-year-old mother says these are not serious wounds, but it sure could have been worse given a grown man took on a little boy.

She says she's proud of her son because if he's defending at such a young age, just imagine when he's a man.

She also managed to get her phone back, but the thief got away.
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