Bear creates scare in Yonkers before being captured

YONKERS (WABC) -- A black bear caused a scare in Yonkers overnight, roaming through city neighborhoods before it decided to run up a tree.

The 200 pound animal was captured and tranquilized early Wednesday morning.

Its three-day tour through Yonkers ended in a wooded area.

The bear was first spotted on Desmond Avenue near the Bronx River Parkway a few days ago.

At about 11 p.m. Tuesday night, a homeowner called police after seeing the bear go through their garbage.

Police were able to trap the animal in an area behind the home.

The bear climbed 25 feet up a tree and at about 3 a.m., was tranquilized with a dart.

Conservation officers say it was looking for food. "A bear is nothing more than a large raccoon," said Tom Koepf of the Department of Environmental Conservation. "If there's food out they're going to eat it, they're just scavengers. You've got to have your garbage clean, you can't have bird-feeders in your yard, you don't want the bears coming through."

The bear was transported to New Paltz, the Department of Conversation headquarters, and will be released in the Cranberry Mountain State Forest in Putnam County.
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