Bees infesting home attack and kill family dog

HOUSTON -- Imagine your home swarmed with bees. That's what Clyde Howard in Houston has been living with for days.

Tuesday was the last straw for him. His beloved dog Breezy was killed.

"My dog was covered up with bees. I'm looking through the window, but I couldn't just sit there and watch so I just went out there and untied her," Howard explained. "She was just covered with bees and I got out the water hose and next thing I know they were already inside the house. Over 100 bees. She died three hours later."

Howard has called his landlord; he called the city; he eve called the fire department. He says everybody turned him down.

"I didn't know who to call to so I called some news channel to try to get some help," Howard explained.

Soon afterward, ABC 13 Eyewitness News came over with a pest control company.

Michael Shamsi with Pest Police sprayed the bees, killing tens of thousands of them.

He says the home should be safe for now.

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