'Big Nose Burglar' caught on camera robbing store twice in Saddle Brook

SADDLE BROOK, N.J. (WABC) -- There's new video that police hope will track down a bold burglar, and cops say he has one facial feature you'll never forget.

The bandit has been dubbed the "Big Nose Burglar" by police.

He's seen in surveillance video throwing a brick through the front door of a convenience store in New Jersey.

This wasn't a sophisticated operation. No, this was a sloppy smash and grab that happened not once, but twice!

Both times were caught on camera inside the Saddle Brook convenience store.

Now, police need your help catching this crook with a distinguished facial feature they say makes him stand out in a crowd.

No refined tools were needed for this bold Saddle Brook burglar who made a smashing entrance into this Krauzers convenience store with a cinder block.

After violently kicking in the front door, the suspect then immediately eyed the cash register and something else.

Watch as surveillance cameras capture him struggling for a while behind the counter until he's able to locate several cartons of Newports.

Not wanting to leave any behind, he even empties a nearby garbage can and loads it up with the cigarettes.

"He actually left the store taking the cash register and the cigarettes and coming back for more cigarettes," said Chief Robert Kugler, of the Saddle Brook Police Department.

By the time police arrived the suspect was gone, but just three weeks later he targeted the same store again!

"The same method of entry, smashing the front door which was recently replaced was actually a Plexiglas enclosure," Kugler said.

A new door and alarm system didn't stop this suspect from snatching more cash out of the register, and of course more Newports.

But this time his grand entrance was followed with a little pay back from the door during his exit.

Police are now hoping a profile shot captured by security cameras inside will help generate tips.

They describe the suspect as between 5'10" and 6'1" tall, with dark hair, and a larger than average nose.

They're also asking anyone who may have bought Newports from a man fitting this description to give them a call.

Police are also checking with other nearby municipalities to see if this burglary pattern may fit any others.
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