Boy, 9, snuggles up to brother and dies after being shot

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A Kansas City, Kan., family is devastated after two children died when someone opened fire on their home. One of the boys ran into his 12-year-old brother's room and snuggled up next to him, where he died.

"He was going to change the world. They don't know what they took for this earth," Jayson Ugwuh, Jayden's father, told WDAF.

Jayden Ugwuh, 9, was an artist.

"He can draw. He can draw you right now and it would look just like you, at nine years old," Ugwuh said.

He was also a little rapper, a creative soul who believed in superheroes, had big dreams and wanted to fly.

Early Saturday morning, Jayden became a real life superhero his father said. The boy awoke to a barrage of bullets and ran out of his bedroom. When Jayden noticed his cousin, 8-year-old Montell Ross, wasn't behind him, he turned around and ran back to get him. That is when they boys were shot.

"Didn't even cry, just got hit and ran and laid up under his big brother, you know. Like he knew exactly where to go for comfort, you know what I'm saying," Ugwuh said.

Jayson Jr., 12, was asleep in another room when his little brother was shot. JJ, as he is known, did not want to talk on camera but said after Jayden snuggled up to him he woke up and when he looked down at his little brother Jayden's eyes were open but it was clear he was no longer there.

"I got to deal with that and still raise them, but what can I say to him cause he actually held him, held his cold body, you know what I'm saying? How do I teach my son to cope with that when I can barely cope with it," said Ugwuh.

Ugwuh said his children and their cousins live with their mothers in the home at 58th and College Avenue, where the shooting occurred. It was one place he said he didn't worry about anything happening to his family.

"He was in his safe spot, his home. This came to his home. So where else are you safe at if you are not safe where you sleep and wake up and eat? What can you do?" Ugwuh asked.

There is no word on a possible motive behind the shooting. Police are asking for the public's help identifying the suspects who carried out the fatal attack. null